Why Gowdanar

Gowdanar Technologies is a Product Development, Engineering and Consulting Services Company, serving technology startups as well as mid-size to large corporations. We offer a flexible blend of onsite, offsite and offshore services 100 software professionals. Gowdanar has deep client relationships around 8 years with various clients ranging from startups to Multi national companies. We bring three core differentiators to every client engagement: the pedigree of having worked multiple technology stacks, the rigour of enterprise application development, and the flexibility of aligning to customer goals.

Pedigree of Products

Gowdanar brings a pedigree over eight years of experience in developing technology products and solutions through multiple technology generations. Over the years, we have worked with clients building, implementing, and keeping running products that span:

  • Host-based systems of the 80’s and early 90s
  • Client server paradigm in the mid-90s
  • Web architecture of late 90’s and early 00’s
  • 3-tier architecture of this past decade and
  • Mobile paradigm that is currently proliferating the market
  • Future innovations coming down the pike

Not only have we built multiple enterprise and consumer products in each of these technology stacks, but we have also helped numerous clients with:

  • Ensuring inter-operability of their products through the generations
  • Maintaining their products through multiple generations
  • Implementing these products in numerous customer environments and supporting the operations
    through various changes in technology and business components

Not only that, we are uniquely capable of understanding how our clients’ customers require products and solutions to perform at their business from the functional standpoint, but also from the security, availability,and reliability standpoint.

Gowdanar has been a partner of choice for our technology clients producing products touching one or more layers of the computing/communications ecosystem:

  • Hardware / Firmware
  • Systems, Storage, Networks
  • Tools, Databases, Servers and
  • Applications

Over the decade, we have worked on products utilizing multiple and changing paradigms in the core platform, storage, networking and the graphics stacks as well as tools, databases and servers in the computing/communications ecosystem. Our knowledge and expertise across these changing paradigms have helped our clients and their customers manage multi-vendor inter-operability through multiple generations of the technology layers.

Rigour of Engineering

As a specialist Software Engineering Services company, Gowdanar has worked with the product engineering divisions of the technology product companies as well as the CIO offices in financial services, healthcare,and high tech companies where our expertise in product generations have helped in building, implementing and supporting products as well as IT/applications environments.
We have leveraged this rigour of engineering to work with product companies, where we work with the technology groups across Product Architecture, Design and Development, Implementation, support and sustaining functions. Our technology clients utilize our engineering expertise to either enhance their teams during the build phase or to build additional capabilities in their products or in their overall market offerings. It is very important that our engineering capabilities match closely with those of their teams to ensure a seamless end product.
Having implemented numerous products at customer sites, we are also uniquely positioned to:

  • Provide feedback and product improvement
  • Re-platform products to clients’ new environments
  • Ensure the current and legacy products inter-operate with customers’ complex and changing
    technology environments

At the same time, our software engineering rigour has been leveraged by the CIO organizations to the fullest extent in terms of:
Migration: When CIO organizations need to migrate, upgrade, or optimize platforms, application servers, or the applications, we are proficient in executing the actual migration through:

Impact analysis:  Understanding what to change and what not to change, the related technology/business

Impact Effort Containment: we help in containing the migration effort tightly so that it impacts minimum business processes
Testing: we continuously plan and execute tests during the process to ensure the migrated system works as well as the old working system.

Re-platform: As businesses grow through mergers and acquisitions, the CIO office typically has to inherit multiple products that impact the overall operational performance due to incompatibilities as well as lack of scalability of individual platforms. As product engineering experts, we are able to dive deep into the product portfolio and help the CIO re-platform these numerous products on to a single scalable, reliable, secure and manageable platform.

Integration: As business and technology paradigms change along with changes induced through mergers and divestitures, it is critical that multiple systems and data have to be integrated together in a seamless way to offer proper business functionality to the user. Our rigour of product engineering helps in ensuring multiple generations and technology paradigms of software and data work seamlessly with each other at all times. This in-depth engineering expertise has helped many CIOs in the high tech and financial industries confidently maintain their legacy products for their business sponsors without expensive talent on their staff.


Gowdanar brings a level of flexibility to software engineering that is uniquely tailored to every client’s unique development process—a capability that comes from our pedigree and rigour of development support. We are able to rapidly build teams that can work with clients:

  • At any point in the development or engineering cycle
  • To embrace a client’s internal process or bring our own processes to help them
  • In flexible team size and composition—from small testing teams to size-able development support and global maintenance teams
  • Across any arm of their business—engineering (development, QA, Sustaining), presales, implementation and maintenance, customer support, and so on
  • Over different time zones in their global locations or from our global delivery centers
  • In a mix of fixed bid, time and materials, SLA-driven or hybrid pricing models
  • Across technology stacks like Java, LAMP, .NET, and so on