Software Ideation for Product Innovation & Enhancements

Gowdanar’s software product ideation services leverage field-side experience and intelligence that is garnered by our support engineers and product consulting professionals while working with the customers of our technology clients. The meticulous documentation maintained by our customer facing professionals and our research and analytical teams, coupled with the related data in our knowledge management systems, helps the product planners at our clients to generate ideas for software product enhancements and also provide suggestions & recommendations about their future product features and functions. Gowdanar’s technical and business analysts over the years have helped several clients in system and business analysis of product development in the ideation phase, sometimes recommending the client to change course.

In many cases after the ideation process Gowdanar has helped our clients with Proof of Concept (PoC) and a prototype or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) before the client embarked on a full blown product development. The POC or MVP can take a form of a mobile/tablet/web app to simulate client and server interactions. In addition to core software product ideation, Gowdanar teams also provide solution ideation capabilities as an integral part of the presales teams, which participate in our client’s sales cycles.