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Web & Data Analytics Services to Monitor & Analyze Websites

As web usage proliferates, organizations are increasingly leveraging the web channel to expand their business, focusing on both content and commerce. After setting up the website and the new business process, the web enabled organizations are facing the issues of increasing volumes of data about users, usage patterns, user behavior, etc. Gowdanar’s Web Analytics service offering helps our customers gather volumes of data, filter the relevant portions and perform analytics to drive useful information.

The need for Web analytics is driven by today’s informed customers, who are looking at quick and reliable information from the web portals. The Web is a content rich channel with dynamic content being generated every millisecond. The need for Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) to provide most relevant, latest and accurate content to their customers is high. If this goal was to be accomplished manually, it will require huge investment in terms of people and computing power.

Based on our hands-on experience addressing the real-life web data analytics problems of our clients, Gowdanar’s team has come up with a specialized service to address these challenges. The Gowdanar web analytics team has developed standard tools and processes that allow faster extraction of relevant data available from the client’s web site as well as the public Internet. Gowdanar has also built a web intelligence layer to analyze and organize the resulting information based on the web data extracted from multiple sites. Gowdanar’s services can be used in following scenarios.

Domain specific portals need supporting content which can be collated from public sites:-

For example:

  • Health care portal that needs information related to medicines, hospitals, doctors.
  • Travel portal which needs information about travel spots, hotels
  • Recruitment portal that needs information related to employers, open positions, candidates, their backgrounds, etc.
  • Insurance portal which needs information related to insurance plans

Web commerce solutions that need aggregation of deals from multiple websites:-

For example:

  • Shopping portal wants to offer best possible deals to their customers
  • Travel portal wants to offer competitive airline deals to their customers
  • Comparison portals wants to offer comparison of products and services to their customers

Analytics engine that offers “Intelligence” from collated data:-

For example:

  • Online payment service provider wants to analyze payment preferences of their customers
  • Information research analysts wants to analyze consumer’s buying pattern

Our capabilities include:

  • Reusable components for extraction of structured and unstructured data from multiple web sites
  • Customized development of web crawlers
  • Ready adaptors for API based extraction to leading social media and shopping channels
  • Extraction algorithms for dynamic/run time content
  • Data cleansing, validation and verification
  • Web intelligence platform & custom reporting services
  • Performance optimization techniques to handle large volume of data