Storage Devices

Storage Services

Gowdanar provides both Engineering and Professional services for leading Storage and Cloud vendors. Over the years through its projects, Gowdanar has accumulated expertise in the following areas of Storage, Cloud, and Virtualization:

  • File systems: Distributed (Ceph, GlusterFS, Hadoop), Network (NFS, CIFS), Local (brtfs, ZFS)
  • SCSI: FC, iSCSI, FCOE, Infiniband
  • Copy services: Snapshot, Backup, De-duplication, Replication, Remote Mirroring, Archival
  • Storage management: Management GUI and back-end, CIM, SNMP, IPMI
  • Cloud: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Hybrid cloud, Cloud Management, Cloud Migration, Cloud APIs, OpenStack, ObjectStores
  • Virtualization: Adapter and plug-in development for vCenter and SCVMM, Virtual Environment
  • Integration, Virtual Appliance Development

Some Client Engagements

Interoperability Test Lab (ILAB): Gowdanar built and currently runs a storage interoperability lab for a major storage vendor. Through this lab Gowdanar performs interoperability verification and certification, performance measurement, management & analysis and automation of testing process. To run these tasks Gowdanar built the lab with the Client’s storage array interoperating with various host OSes (AIX, Linux, Windows) and host adapters (Qlogic, LSI, Emulex) at different speeds (2G, 3G, 4G) through FC switch.

Enterprise Cloud: Gowdanar partnered with an online cloud-based file sharing company that enables enterprise companies to securely share files within the organization as well as with their partners and vendors. This is similar to DropBox but purpose built for enterprises. This is built using ObjectStore which is similar to OpenStack – Swift.

VMware, Hyper-V based Virtualization Solutions: Gowdanar provided adapters and plug-ins to a major storage vendor so virtual environments such as VMware and Hyper-V can discover our Client’s storage array features, allow array configuration and monitor the status of the array. Additionally, Gowdanar developed Admin console plug-in for this client. This plug-in allows administrators to configure the storage array as per the need through the array framework adapter.