Today’s competitive global business environments demand payment software solutions to be more flexible, responsive and, of course, cost- effective. As such, Software product companies aimed at developing payment-processing software need to incorporate protocols that will ensure business continuity.

Payment-processing software shape vital infrastructure in overall economic performance of any business. With the right kind of payment software solution you can be rest assured that your job is well begun. Software product companies that develop these payment software solutions need to adhere to highest quality standards, reduce time-to-market, customize products to meet end-user requirements and follow industry standards. Gowdanar offers payment software service that includes bill payment, wireless payment services, telecom, fraud protection services and security domains. Our expertise in the domain of payment software service can also be integrated in industries like retail, healthcare, leisure and transport….

Many of these payment software solutions are required to work seamlessly across legacy systems of financial establishments and provide flawless availability.

Gowdanar’s team provides this payment software service and understands the requirements that include:

  • Data point integration with multiple legacy environments
  • Safe and secure transaction processes
  • Transparent process flow and trail
  • Alerting for information expiry
  • Business continuity without client-side investment