Lending Services

Lending industry has been extremely volatile and the challenges of sustaining in the lending industry can be countered by innovative technology solutions. Gowdanar has been associated with commercial software companies (SaaS & on-premise) and leading financial services companies in the India, China and across the globe in delivering enterprise solutions to the lending industry. We bring deep experience in end-to-end solutions that range from custom solutions to specialized support services. Our expertise in Business Application Services, Integration, Product Engineering Services, SMAC and Maintenance Services along with proven competencies in Quality Assurance methodologies complements our client’s growth in lending industry.

We have tackled various challenges in the lending services industry in different areas:

Student: The student lending market is volatile and rapidly growing with stringent regulations, Gowdanar has all the essential expertise in student lending services required to serve and cater to student loans. Gowdanar has developed student lending solutions by adopting cutting-edge technology with SOA architecture. This helps in solution customization and seamless integration with software modules, developed with the intent of providing operational and informed decision-making capabilities to different the business lines of lending institutions.

Personal: Gowdanar with its wide experience in the lending industry have expertise in providing software solutions to financial institutions providing personal loans to their customers. Personal loan comes under unsecured loans and requires stringent credit evaluation process to reduce the risk of losses. At the same time, compliance requirements are gaining importance and lenders are being pressurized to be responsible and competitive. Gowdanar provides solutions that are flexible, scalable and helps modernize the conventional procedures in the lending process thus increasing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Auto: Auto financing industry is continuously evolving and so is the need of a robust, flexible, scalable software solution to manage the end to end lending process. We help companies to build a solution that completely manages auto loan life cycle and enhances the overall lending experience. While doing this, we maintain full regulatory compliance and keep check over risk exposure.

Commercial: Gowdanar with its decade of experience in lending services, provides a comprehensive, flexible and scalable solutions that caters to entire lifecycle of all aspects of commercial lending. Our services integrates applications and processes across departments impacting the lending process and driving business value to our customers. We help our clients to develop an end-to-end solution from lead management, collections, closure and post closure services. We build solutions that integrate with your existing systems or help you upgrade your existing systems.

Some of the technology solutions in lending space:

  • Development of web solutions for lending industry which can be seamlessly used with multiple platforms (PC/Mobile/Tablet) with proper encryption and security access controls.
  • Development of solutions with adherence to compliance and key regulatory requirements with upgrades and migration along with increased transparency.
  • Real time data analytics technology for creating reporting and decision support systems to simplify reporting process for better decision making.
  • Integration with legacy lending and other systems (CRM, E-mail client, and ERP) maintaining data integrity and reduce redundancy.
  • Proven quality assurance methodologies that complement the dynamic aspect of the lending industry to ensure scalability and ease of operation of lending solutions.
  • Migration and modernization of existing lending systems to ensure data integrity, reduce data entry errors and minimize duplication.
  • Expertise in development of native and cross-platform mobile applications for lending institutions to access critical information on the go.
  • Developed a solution to provide credit scores and access to free credit monitoring and financial information for individuals.

Gowdanar Advantage:

  • Implementation of end to end lending management systems both on client/server architectures.
  • Utilization of next-gen technologies like Big Data and SMAC (Social, Mobilility, Analytics and Cloud) to meet the imperatives of data volume, security, compliance and reporting.
  • Significant cost benefit through combination of use of open source technology and licensed software.
  • Reduce turnaround time by minimizing manual work to maintain vital loan information.
  • Sustenance and migration of existing solutions and system to conform with regulatory requirements and industry standards.
  • Expertise in building centralized UI libraries to make the user experience consistent across modules and platforms for lending institutions.

Gowdanar’s team of experts have been successful in leveraging its in-house technical capability and product engineering knowledge to accomplish prominent performance, lower downtime, better connectivity and improved lifespan of the infrastructure, systems and solutions for our Lending industry customers.