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We are a team of highly motivated IT professionals who have set out to disrupt the way software services are done. We provide a unique offshore/onsite model which helps our customers scale resources as needed. Achieving high performance through optimization of resources.

  • Mission - We deliver uniqueness and quality
  • Skills - Delivering fast and excellent results
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Our Product GSMART


Effectively managing a workforce of any size requires tight controls and policies be in place to avoid lost time and productivity. An integral part of this solution is having the right solution in place to track time, absences, productive hours on job, tracking the movement of labor in and our of the production unit and properly schedule your labor. GSMART a workforce management solution allow you to forecast labor and workload demand, define and assign schedules to meet business objectives, capture time worked, absences and other labor data, track adherence to schedules and productivity, and adhere to labor laws and pay rules.

GSMART comes with an Hardware which is Cloud Enabled Android devise for Time, Attendance & access control, it also has Biometric reader, MIFARE RFID reader with 3G, Wifi and it operates on Li-Battery.  

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From strategy to implementation, we deliver technology solutions that help drive transformation, cost effectiveness, improve productivity, and streamline IT operations. Our practical, innovative solutions are linked to measurable goals to help you achieve competitive advantage.

Web Applications

Complexity delivered in a simple solution — creating powerful web applications capable of heavy lifting.

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Our developers consist of experienced and innovative programmers and designers that are skilled in building complex, secure and engaging mobile applications.

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Move to the cloud seamlessly whether you're migrating an off-the-shelf package or developing a new application from scratch. Designed to drive flexibility and efficiency, our services include both migration and monitoring solutions.

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We help businesses around the world reduce the time and effort in testing. Our core focus is on Industry Domain and Technology based testing.


Simplify technology landscapes, integrate processes, streamline operations and improve agility and connectivity.


Quickly deploy large virtual teams. You can also scale down the teams to manage costs during lesser load times.


Businesses, today, need to respond to the rapidly changing market conditions with innovation and agility. Staying ahead of that change and achieving long-term success requires ongoing business transformation.

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Enterprise Solutions help you transform your business, harmonize your IT platforms, accelerate workflows, improve operational efficiency and increase customer engagement.

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