Business Intelligence


At Gowdanar, we believe that Business Intelligence (BI) is defined by:

  • The Delivery of Information – The focus of our practice is to deliver end customer consumable information which supports decision making. We design and deliver information that is directly used by the end customer.

  • In Context to Business Process Execution – We understand that different users need potentially the same information but in different ways. Buyers are likely to need a different view of inventory information to support supplier meetings than a financial analyst doing cash projections.

  • Resulting in Measurable Performance Improvement – We work with our clients to reduce information delivery cost and to ensure adoption and improved decision making that impacts the bottom line.

Gowdanar has delivered these solutions consistently for our clients because:

Our People have worked on core BI Product development for several leading organizations.

Our BI specific Processes include proven approaches that resolve the tough underlying challenges.

We fully integrate our Performance management team into our solution delivery code, methodology and SLA’s.

Our experience of building Products, include disparate environments, multi phased release cycles with minimal customization impact for the client system. This allows us to confidently manage the realities of a complex BI environment.

Three components of Business Intelligence :