Application Management Services


Application Management Services are the services which are required to maintain, enhance and manage all types of software applications. This service may include maintenance, enhancements, upgrades and performance optimization.

Our mature Application Management Services encompass all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), starting from translating business needs into project requirements through development to post-production support and building a new version/release of the application. We take pride in having helped our customers with the development, deployment and maintenance of their applications that continue to provide them the competitive edge in their markets.

Current research indicates that enterprises spend an average of 73% of their IT budget on Application Maintenance i.e. ‘keeping the lights on’ . Application Management Services therefore presents a high potential for cost savings. Gowdanar expertise in Application Support and Maintenance delivered through a global model has provided clients with benefits of cost savings and improved productivity as now their IT staff can work on the mission critical tasks. Furthermore Gowdanar Support & Maintenance Methodology consistently delivers superior performance with lower costs. Our experience in supporting mission critical / business critical application for our customers has led to a decade long relationship with most of our customers.

Further studies show that over 70% of the applications in the world are still on mainframe and legacy systems and most businesses are in a desperate need to modernize and upgrade their IT applications environment. Gowdanar’s Application Migration, Re-engineering & Modernization services help customers to modernize and migrate from older platforms to newer ones with minimum risks.

Gowdanar also brings its customer the value of Cloud and Mobile technology to their applications. We have successfully displayed and deployed such solutions in varied industry verticals including Hi Tech.,

Healthcare, Automotive and Banking & Financial Services & Insurance domains.